School History

The Mike McLeod era at Tallahassee Community College began in 1991 when Coach McLeod was hired away from Florida State University to lead the Eagle baseball program. After 29 seasons, over 900 wins, with 8 appearances at the FCCAA State Tournament including 5 Panhandle Conference Championships and 3 Runnerup Championships the Eagles baseball program continues to soar.

The Mike McLeod Baseball School began its initial operations in 1993. There have literally been thousands of Tallahassee youngsters who have participated in these camps and schools over the past 29 years. Many of these young "campers" have actually grown up to star on their high school teams and to actually come and play here at TCC over the years.

Coach McLeod's baseball schools strive to teach the correct basic baseball fundamentals in all aspects of the game, at all levels of learning. Coach Mac also stresses keeping the game "fun" utilizing competitive drills and games to incorporate the learning process. The baseball schools provide a great community resource where youngsters can learn the proper fundamentals of the game of baseball, with professional instruction, and have a great time doing it.